A grain of sand

A grain of sand

We are a non-profit organization that accompanies people in vulnerable situations in their human flourishing process.


Our vision is consistent with an inclusive world, where each person can develop in equality and dignity, where diversity is an added value, and where together we can learn to respect nature and Mother Earth.

We are guided by the 2030 Agenda and the 17 sustainable development goals, as well as by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



Our mission is to be agents of change promoting community empowerment, rescuing knowledge and potential, awakening a feeling of common responsibility for the dynamization of social change.

  • Transversal educational programs.
  • Oral health prevention.
  • Promotion of gender equality.
  • Healthy nutrition.



Maria Elena Hernandez

María Elena Hernández


Nathalia Amortegui

Maritza Blanco

Maritza Blanco

Mareli Aguirre

Mareli Aguirre

Glendys Pérez

Glendys Pérez

Monserrat del Valle

Monserrat del Valle


Montserrat Del Valle
Youth Coordinator

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Annual Reports

The year 2020 came loaded with lessons for all people. A year that deeply challenged us, that led us to be more creative, and taught us the importance of adapting, always keeping solidarity in mind.

Click to see our annual reports.

Recipe book

🌱🌱Regarding the week of Mother Earth Day and its #ACTUAAHORA Campaign, we want to share with you our recipe book, where you will find tips recipes, and much more about healthy and vegan foods.


Stand straight

Participamos en Women in the City Miami a través de nuestra charla #PONTEDERECHA la cual tratará de exponer los distintos modos de discriminación, incluyendo las diferentes formas de violencia de género, con una mirada al tráfico de mujeres con fines de explotación sexual. A su vez, exponer herramientas que puedan ser utilizadas en la prevención de la violencia de género, en distintos espacios de la vida cotidiana.


With your contribution we can change lives


It is true that if we want to change the world we must start with ourselves.

We believe that each individual has a different potential waiting to be shown to the world. Often times, that potential is discovered not because of a lack of tools, but because we don't believe in it enough. We believe in you. Believe in yourself.

Jassir Heredia

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Arte Vita

Liliana Malavé


Rosicler Ramirez

Proyecto Ninos de la Selva

Tony Velazquez

Zumba Lucía
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Princess zumba

Perfect Smile
Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile

Together we can build positive peace.

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Grains on Wheels

Let us show you the world that is in a book!

One of the best tools for developing children's creativity is reading. The power that a book has is indisputable, but not everyone has access to them. This is the reason why Un Grano de Arena begins the library project, to put those books in the hands of children and thus start a movement of mobile libraries that travel every corner of Venezuela.

Library buses have traditionally been a means of providing library services in rural communities, however, The Little Prince has much more to offer.

Returning Smiles

A day for everyone to smile.

People who cannot visit the dentist miss out on preventive dental care that could greatly help their oral health. The Returning Smiles project is focused on providing dental care to those who cannot afford dental services. 

Our Little Grains of Smiles program is closely and proudly associated with Perfect Smile dental office. The entire Perfect Smile team is proud to volunteer their time and talent for such a worthy cause, providing the following dental services:

Celebrating life

A special day for you! Because you deserve it.

Recreational activities are necessary for good physical and mental health. Celebrating Life is designed to provide a fun day for children and the elderly, providing moments filled with music, games, food and lots of fun.

It is a special day dedicated only to them, because they deserve it.

You can also add your little grain of sand through Amazon by purchasing any of the items on the list, or directly from PayPal with your Visa or Mastercard.

Join our dream, your support is important!

Flavor Grains

Poverty is the main reason why children and adults are hungry, this means that they go to bed without eating. We are aware that the problem of hunger is serious and, although the organization does not have nutrition as its main objective, the situation cannot be ignored.

The project Eat with me It was born as a small contribution for those who have little or no access to food on the streets.

You can also do your bit through Amazon by buying any of the items on the list, or directly from PayPal with your Visa or Mastercard.

Join our dream, your support is important!

One Grain Tampa

Our granites extend to the city of Tampa, Florida, to be a bridge to migrant families living in the fields of crops.

Soon you will be able to be aware of our activities on our online blog, meanwhile we invite you to follow us on our Intagram.