Sowing Education

By Jassir Heredia-Kann

We were recently present at the "2016 Chacao Reading Festival" held at Plaza Francia in Altamira, Caracas. An event where exhibitors, publishers, international guests, Venezuelan authors and artists participated, and whose motto was "Read the future", in addition to the festival it was possible to find novel and poetry contests, music presentations and talks. The best of all is that it felt like the city became a bit humanized, it is a pity that with a climate as benign as that of Caracas it is not possible to walk anymore, share public spaces and enjoy the squares. But this time, grandparents, adults, youth and children were present and you could see the enjoyment. The atmosphere was very entertaining and participatory, and also felt safe, something very important in these times.

Now imagine that these festivals take place in every city, in every town, in every corner of Venezuela, year after year. In Un Grano de Arena we believe that it is possible, but it is we as citizens, as organizations who have to claim that space, from our mayors, our councilors, our governors and if they do not listen to us, we have to unite and do the job, with the microentrepreneurs of the area and community leaders.

But what would be the goal? sow education, but an education for sustainable development, which promotes critical thinking, creativity, individual but collective development at the same time, in other words, a change in methods is urgently needed, the new education demands new ways of doing things, and collective participation is one of them. We can no longer settle for the teaching of schools, we must also go out into the streets, breathe culture, music, and traditions in our neighborhoods, that is the new education and we believe that it is possible. Put your grain of sand!

If education is still considered as a simple transmission of knowledge, little can be expected of it in terms of the future of man, then what is the use of transmitting knowledge if the total development of the individual is neglected? - Maria Montessori

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One Grain Tampa

Our granites extend to the city of Tampa, Florida, to be a bridge to migrant families living in the fields of crops.

Flavor Grains

Poverty is the main reason why children and adults are hungry, this means that they go to bed without eating. We are aware that the problem of hunger is serious and, although the organization does not have nutrition as its main objective, the situation cannot be ignored.

The project Eat with me It was born as a small contribution for those who have little or no access to food on the streets.

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Celebrating life

A special day for you! Because you deserve it.

Recreational activities are necessary for good physical and mental health. Celebrating Life is designed to provide a fun day for children and the elderly, providing moments filled with music, games, food and lots of fun.

It is a special day dedicated only to them, because they deserve it.

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Returning Smiles

A day for everyone to smile.

People who cannot visit the dentist miss out on preventive dental care that could greatly help their oral health. The Returning Smiles project is focused on providing dental care to those who cannot afford dental services. 

Our Little Grains of Smiles program is closely and proudly associated with Perfect Smile dental office. The entire Perfect Smile team is proud to volunteer their time and talent for such a worthy cause, providing the following dental services:

Grains on Wheels

Let us show you the world that is in a book!

One of the best tools for developing children's creativity is reading. The power that a book has is indisputable, but not everyone has access to them. This is the reason why Un Grano de Arena begins the library project, to put those books in the hands of children and thus start a movement of mobile libraries that travel every corner of Venezuela.

Library buses have traditionally been a means of providing library services in rural communities, however, The Little Prince has much more to offer.

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